Photo of Mark Klotz by Joanne White



My name is Mark Klotz. I live in Burnaby, BC, Canada.

I've been passionate about photography for most of my life.

My first camera was a little Kodak 110. I shot photos of everything--the dog, cat, and my friends. I'd send my film off, and wait for my photos in the mail.

In grade school, I had an amazing teacher who taught us how to make our own pinhole cameras, and develop our film in the dark room. She was a major influence in my pursuit of photography, and it has been my passion ever since.

By the time I'd reached junior high school, I was shooting with 35mm SLR film cameras, developing prints, booking time in the art department darkroom, shooting student portraits, and school events.

In my 20's I studied media techniques for business, including studio lighting and film, at BCIT.

Today, I shoot both film, and digital, using medium format and 35mm cameras, with an emphasis on documentary style street photography, and events involving public theatre, and dance.


Published Photos

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